Simplified Total Productive Management (TPM) Methods and its Implementation


3 days


Start: 23rd of July, 2014

End: 25th of July, 2014


Regular Rate: 13,000.00
Early Bird Rates: 12,350.00

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At the end of the seminar, the participant is expected to:


- Implement the change process steps focusing on People, Equipment and the Workplace;

- Assist the participants with the proper paradigm shift and mechanism in pursuing the journey towards continuous improvement;

- Learn the essential components of Total Factory Effectiveness, i.e., Operation Excellence and Admin Excellence and the steps needed towards improvement;

- Know the simple problem solving methodologies and build skills to bring them back at their workplace; and

- Lean to start by a) internalizing the learning, b) practice them, c) build some skills and d) help others go through the journey, to set new benchmark on Filipino work areas with good Filipino Values.