Repair Cost Reduction through Systematic Failure Analysis


4 days


Start: 18th of September, 2018

End: 21st of September, 2018


Regular Rate: 17,000.00
Early Bird Rates: 16,150.00

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Financial losses due to premature and repeated equipment failures can be prevented by correcting poor/wrong equipment practices so prevalent locally, as in operations, maintenance, overhauling, parts installation, lubrication, etc. Western industrialized countries have done it since the 70’s through the practical application of Tribology, the science and technology of friction, wear and failure control. The key is pinpointing the cause of short parts/ equipment life, i.e., correctly identifying the malpractice responsible for every premature failure. That requires a tribologically-based Systematic Failure Analysis (SFA). Therefore, SFA should be an important function in the Maintenance Department to make it a profit center. Minimum equipment and downtime cost will be achieved as malpractices are consistently corrected, thus, bringing a company’s profitability to the maximum.