Reliability Centered Maintenance


3 days


Start: 14th of August, 2018

End: 16th of August, 2018

And on:
Start: 22nd of November, 2017
End: 24th of November, 2017


Regular Rate: 13,000.00
Early Bird Rates: 12,350.00

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This course is designed to introduce the participants to the RCM process and enable them to acquire the skills necessary to perform RCM analysis. The course is intended for the general public, particularly those who are interested in performing RCM analysis or those who are responsible for the implementation of an RCM program, including equipment maintainers and operators, maintenance planners and managers, as well as engineers. The course is based on a SAE JA-1011-compliant RCM process and provides practical knowledge and case studies that can be incorporated into any RCM process.