Project Supervision: Environmental and Social Management


4 days


Start: 28th of August, 2018

End: 31st of August, 2018


Regular Rate: 18,000.00

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Supervision of safeguard policies during implementation of WB- and ADB-financed projects is essential

• To ensure timely and effective implementation in accordance with safeguard management instruments e.g. ESMF, RPF, IPPF, EMP, RAP, IPP, etc.

• To guide implementing agencies in dealing with unforeseen issues/problems during implementation (change in design)

• To determine additional requirements due to project restructuring

This program intends to provide participants with the practical knowledge of planning and carrying out supervision of the World Bank and ADB-funded projects from environmental and social safeguard perspective to improve safeguard supervision and project performance. It exposes the participants to the different supervision tools and instruments that are available, and the required reporting needed after supervision.

Fee: P 18,000

*Please note that scheduled dates may change without prior notice

Venue:  Metro Manila

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Philippine Learning Center for Environment and Social Sustainability

Arlene De Ocampo
(63 2) 981 8500 loc 3008
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