Reliability-based Lubrication(RbL) for Improved Equipment Reliability


3 days


Start: 5th of June, 2018

End: 7th of June, 2018


Regular Rate: 13,000.00
Early Bird Rates: 12,350.00

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The seminar is designed to furnish participants with enough understanding to be able to implement Reliability-based Lubrication in their respective plants.

At the end of the course, participants are expected to:

1. Know how to select the right lubricant for a specific application to achieve equipment-designed life.

2.Know what major costly premature failures can quickly be impacted by RbL to demonstrate dramatic equipment reliability improvement.

3. Know the major wear failures and problems associated with lubricant quality and distinguish from failures related to mechanical conditions.

4. Know how to run a lubricant condition analysis and monitoring program to sustain RbL to achieve reliability goals.

5. Know how to implement and sustain RbL.