Competency Training & Certification Program in Electric Power Distribution Engineering





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The Republic Act 9136 otherwise known as the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations has unbundled the power industry to establish a competitive generation and supply sectors while strengthening the regulations of transmission and distribution utilities. This aims to rationalize the power industry to operate at high efficiency, reliability and quality in cost-effective manner thereby making electricity available to end-users at affordable prices.

The Distribution Utilities (DUs) that are regulated by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) are required by R.A. 9136 to unbundle its functions, business and rates to separate the distribution services from the supply and retail services. They are also required to secure its bulk power requirements from the competitive market through the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) and through bilateral agreements with generating companies and bulk suppliers. The DUs are also mandated to ensure that their facilities have the capacity and capability to distribute and supply electricity to its customers in accordance to the efficiency, reliability and power quality standards prescribed by the Philippine Grid and Distribution Codes (PGDC).

The on-going restructuring of the Philippine power industry provides new opportunities as well as challenges to DUs that will determine their viable future as industry participants. Therefore, the need to build the capacity of engineers and other technical personnel who are responsible in planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, rate making, and management of the distribution system cannot be over-emphasized.


The Competency Training and Certification Program in Electric Power Distribution Engineering shall train and test to certify as Specialists the Distribution Utility engineers and other technical personnel in specific competencies in (a) power system modeling and analysis, (b) planning, (c) operation, (d) design, and (e) utility economics. The Program aims to produce a steady-stream of technically competent personnel needed to sustain the viability of the Distribution Utilities under the restructured electric power industry. It is also envisioned to facilitate the supervision and regulation of the Distribution Sector in the Philippines under a restructured electric power industry.

Competency Training & Certification Program in Electric Power Distribution Engineering

  1. CPD 1: Distribution System Modeling and Analysis
  2. CPD 2:Distribution System Development and Distribution Utility CAPEX Planning
  3. CPD 3:Distribution O&M and Utility OPEX Planning
  4. CPD 4:Power Supply Planning and Contracting for Distribution Utilities
  5. CPD 5:Distribution Utility Economics and Ratemaking
  6. CPD 6:Distribution System Protection
  7. CPD 7:Dristribution System Control and Automation

Short Courses for Board of Directors and Managers of Electric Cooperatives

  1. EPIRA 101: Electric Power Industry, Market and Regulation
  2. EPIRA 201: Electricity Market: Power Supply Contracting, WESM and Retail Competition
  3. EPIRA 202: Distribution Utility CAPEX-OPEX Planning and Rate Making


Prof. Rowaldo R. del Mundo
Instute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
College of Engineering
University of the Philippines Diliman
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Ms. Rea F. Bunuan
National Engineering Center
Juinio Hall, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City
Tel.No.: (02) 927-83-45
Telefax No.: (02) 929-17-10
Trunk Line: (02) 981-8500 Locals 3048 / 3005

Ms. Anabel
Office of Corporate Education and Training
National Electrification Administration
NIA Road, Government Center, Diliman, Quezon City
Tel. No.: (02) 929-21-18
Telefax No.: (02) 929-21-83
Trunk Line: (02) 929-19-09 Local 169



The National Electrification Administration (NEA), pursuant to its mandate under R.A. 9136 Sec. 58, to prepare the electric cooperatives (ECs) in operating and competing under the deregulated electricity market and to strengthen the technical and managerial capabilities of the EC managers and employees, has linked-up in strategic partnership with the National Engineering Center of the University of the Philippines. Through a Memorandum of Agreement between NEA and UP, the Competency Training and Certification Program in Electric Power Distribution System Engineering was initiated in 2005 to build the capacity of the ECs and establish the competencies of their officers and employees.