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Business Analytics Certification

With the explosion of the Internet and globalization, industries leveraged the use of information technology to aid their day-to-day business processes. These companies were able to collect and store vast amounts of transactional data; however, extracting and learning useful knowledge from these stored data has been proved to be extremely difficult.

The concept of big data analytics emerged as the de-facto concept on analyzing huge amounts of data that is created in a fast-paced environment and also takes up a lot of variety. By incorporating business intelligence into your company, this initiative will encompass data-collection technologies and modern data analysis to wring every last drop of value from all your business processes. With analytics, companies can discern not only what their customers would want but also how much they’re willing to pay and what keeps them loyal. Companies would look beyond compensation costs to calculate its workforce’s exact contribution to your bottom line. Additionally, companies would not just track existing inventories; they also predict and prevent future inventory problems. Other potential benefits of big data analytics are but not limited to:

1. better-targeted social-influencer marketing,
2. customer segmentation,
3. understanding customer behavior,
4. more accurate business insights,
5. better planning and forecasting, and
6. identification of root causes.

To this date, the concept of Big Data analytics has not been totally received here in the Philippines, hence, making analytics part of a company’s overarching competitive strategy, and pushing it down to decision makers at every level would provide a definite competitive advantage over its competitors.


Objectives of the training

•By the end of this program, the participant should have a solid understanding of the fundamentals, concepts, business and technical architecture and best practices related to Business Analytics
•The participant should take away a broad understanding of the tools, underlying data management, techniques, industry applications and future directions of business analytics and data mining.
•The participant should be able to apply the right Analytics tool to different industry problems and interpret results correctly.
•The participant would be able to use modern business analytics software and implement an end-to-end business analytics project in their own respective field.


The modules are as follows:
Module A: Introduction to Business Analytics  – TBA
Module B: Data Warehousing   – TBA
Module C: Descriptive Analytics   – TBA
Module D: Predictive Analytics – June 5-7, 2018
Module E: Prescriptive Analytics – July 3-5, 2018
Business Analytics Associate Certification Exam
Module F: Forecasting and Time Series Analysis – August 7-9, 2018
Module G: R for Business Intelligence – September 4-6, 2018
Business Analytics Professional Certification Exam

Program Facilitator

Dr. Eugene Rex L. Jalao obtained his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University (ASU) in May 2013. He specializes in Decision Support Systems, Business Intelligence, Data Mining and Systems Simulation. He was also inducted into the Alpha Phi Mu, Industrial Engineering Honor Society. He obtained his Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering degree as well as his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of the Philippines Diliman in 2009 and 2007 respectively.

Cost: P13,000 per module

Slots available: 28

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