Testing Services

Through the UP College of Engineering, various engineering testing services are being offered by its Departments and Institutes.

Please directly contact the following laboratories for your inquiries.

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Contact number 981-8500 locals 3131.

Design and Manufacturing Center is complete facility where we design, simulate, prototype, test, design for manufacture and mass-produce. We start with ideas that are made into physical working products and be brought to a marketable status.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory services helps industries who seek increased automation of their production lines to stay competitive.

Vehicle Research and Testing Laboratory (VRTL) is a complete facility for the testing and development of vehicles and engines thru their performance and emissions.

Emerson HVACR Laboratory caters to design and development of HVACR systems

Metrology Laboratory serves the various needs for instrumentation and mechanical measurements, testing and analysis.

The Institute of Civil Engineering
have the Construction Materials and Structures Laboratory  (CoMSlab). It offers routine and specialized tests of common construction materials. For more details on the testing services, please directly contact the Institute of  Civil Engineering at 925-6991 or 981-8500 locals 3529 and 3116.

Department of Chemical Engineering
offers process design services and various testing, characterization and analytical services through its Chemical Engineering Analytical Laboratory. Contact number 981-8500 locals 3115.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute
offers design, prototyping and testing of electrical and electronic circuits, nodules and systems. Contact number 981-8500 locals 3300 and 3303.

Department of Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
offers mineral characterization and mineral processing, materials synthesis and characterization, materials testing and failure analysis. Contact number 981-8500 locals 3132.