List of Projects

List of Partnership Projects

  1. Public Assessment of Water Services – MWSS
  2. Public Assessment of Sewerage and Sanitation Services (PASS) – DENR, MWSS RO
  3. Assessment of Water Demand Under the Maynilad Franchise Area – Maynilad Water Services Company
  4. Alternative Fuels Vehicle Tests and Research Program and Energy Efficiency in Road Transport – Department of Energy
  5. Development of Case Studies Using Philippine Long Range Energy Alternatives Planning (PH Leap) Model – Abt Associates, AILEG, USAID
  6. NCC A Comprehensive Organization Review Performance Audit Assessment (CORPAA) Project- Mapua Techserv, Inc.
  7. Consultancy Services for the Study, Preliminary Engineering and Detailed Engineering Design of the Roxas Blvd. Seawall, Manila City – Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)
  8. Alternative Fuels, Energy Technology and Efficiency (DOE Phase 2) – Department of Energy
  9. SVPCF 02. Prototyping a Diesel –Electric Parallel-Series Hybrid Vehicle for Public Transportation – DOST PCIEERD
  10. Development of the Health Enterprise Proof of Concept Service Bus for the Philippine Health Information Exchange Project UnderNP-CS-GOP-2014-27 – Department of Health
  11. Professional Engineering and Architectural Services for the Foreign Service Buildings Design Excellence Program of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)
  12. Revalidation of All Studies Pertaining to Balog-Balog Multipurpose Project Phase II (BBMPPII) and the Proposal From The Private Sector – National Irrigation Administration
  13. Review and Value Engineering Study of the Flood Risk Management Project for Cagayan de Oro River- Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)
  14. Consulting Services for the Development of Revisions to the National Building Code of the Philippines and Its IRR to Mainstream Disaster Risk Reduction – The World Bank
  15. Water Demand Project –Manila Water Co.
  16. Water Demand Project – Maynilad Water Inc.
  17. Philmech Coffee Sorter Project – Philmech
  18. RR Exercise – Boracay Island – TIEZA
  19. Consultancy Services for the Conduct of Flood Study for the San Juan River and Its Tributaries – Quezon City Government