Nuclear power is being considered as one of the potential solutions to provision of sustainable electric energy in the Philippines because of its relatively competitive levelized cost of energy, low greenhouse gas and criteria air pollution footprint, and base load contribution. However, because of the complexity of this energy technology, multiple dimensions have to be considered, such as safety, security, and safeguard as well as management of radioactive waste.

In response, the National Engineering Center (NEC), Engineering Research and Development for Technology(ERDT) and UP Engineering Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (UPERDFI) are hosting the Nuclear Energy Forum: Considerations and Essential Information to discuss different aspects that need to be evaluated by decision makers and the public before deciding on pursuing nuclear power as a policy.

The Nuclear Energy Forum will be held on 22 August 2017 at Novotel Hotel, AranetaCenter, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. Government officials, faculty members, graduate students, representatives from the industry, and other stakeholders are expected to attend the forum.

Participation to the forum is by invitation only.  If interested, kindly coordinate with respective organizers’ secretariat:

  • For ERDT Local Graduate Scholars and Faculty Members of the ERDT Consortium, please coordinate with your respective ERDT Project Staff.
  • For Nuclear Energy Stakeholders (Government, Industry, NGO, Professional Organizations, Media, Religious Sector, and Academe), please coordinate with Ms. Arlene and Gabbz of NEC through (02) 981-8500 local 3008 and 3006.