About Us

The National Engineering Center (NEC) was established on January 27, 1978 as a distinct and separate unit of the University of the Philippines (UP) by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 1295. The creation was a response to the country’s continuing efforts at national development, which require progressive and adequate utilization and diffusion of technology, as well as a steady and expanding supply of technical manpower with expertise in the various fields of technology and engineering. The NEC was envisioned to provide a venue for continuing interaction among government, industry, and the university which will be beneficial to all concerned and, at the same time, serve the interests of national development.


The National Engineering Center (NEC), established in 1978 through PD 1295, is a distinct and separate unit under the University of the Philippines (UP) mandated to provide experts to whom public and private entities may turn for assistance in the solution of engineering problems and to develop technologies that utilize local resources that are adapted to the needs of a developing country.